Honda NC50 performance enhancements

Could I saw cut my exhaust pipe and bring it down right before the “box” and gain any performance. Just put a new carb new head gaskets and saw some

Rubbing marks on my piston as well... should I replace this and with a stock or a new piston. Sorry I’m all over the place just looking for some straight forward answers... had this puppy 5-6 months now and she’s nearing spring here so I want her to run... after the performance mods I’ve made so far “listed above” I rode it for about a quarter mile and parked it and now it won’t seem to run unless i have the throttle all the way open and constantly fuck with the manual choke arm... any help would be fantastic!! Haven’t used this website before so I can provide photos or whatever if it helps anyone help me happy riding!

Re: Honda NC50 performance enhancements

Could you post pictures of the piston scuffing and maybe some pictures of the inside of the barrell, that would probably help everyone on here helping you diagnose problems :)

Also, if you've had it apart and that symptom is new you might have a air leak somewhere.

Re: Honda NC50 performance enhancements

Jack Rutherford /

Adjust your throttle stop screw to raise the slide and perhaps also your air/fuel mixture screw by turning it out (counterclockwise) to lean it out some. Could just be too rich. You can make the stock exhaust more free flowing but I would just sell the stock exhaust and try the mlm next level pipe instead.

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