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Hey, so im looking into buying and rebuilding a 1996 Tomos Targa LX with 12,000 mi. The guy says it needs a new carb but I want to replace more then that. I was thinking of rebuilding the engine and adding a new 70cc kit and replacing the seals and berrings on the engine. Its a A35 engine. I was also looking to make the bike a kinda scambler style bike something i can possible take off road if i need to. Im having trouble finding dual sport like tires that would fit on the bike. This of the list of parts i was planning on getting.


Hey, so I was looking to get a moped because my dad likes to go camping on them a couple times a year and i want to suprise him by trying to build/restore a moped. The moped i was looking at getting was a 1996 Tomos Targa LX that has a broken carb and 12,000 miles. He says it idles then dies off. So hearing that it didint seem like a terrible bike to buy for $600. I was planning to upgrade the bike alot and try to make it a dual sport kinda bike something i can take off road if i need to. When i found your website i realzied you guys have everything for moped so im plannning to get everything from here. I was wondering do you guys have any tips or ideas for the bike?

Heres my list of parts im gonna try to get:

A35 alukit 70cc kit with hi comp head

A35 gasket set

Dellorto SHA 15.15 carb

Short cone air filter

Tomos A35 SIDEBLEED estorilpipe

27T Front Sproket

Low Rise Handlebars

80 mph speedometer

Speedometer holder

Round headlight


Throttle and grips

Petcock right flow fuel valve

New chain

Spark plug

Tires and tubes

Does anyone have any tips or ideas about the build?

I attached pictures of the bike im buying.


Re: First Build

If this is your first build focus on just the motor bits first. let the looks come last. only thing worse than a non running bike giving you the run around is a pretty, non running bike giving you the run around. so kit it, tune it and make it rip, THEN tear it apart and do the custom stuff.

personal thought on your parts list:

kit, good stuff make sure you chamfer the ports. and match your transfer ports in the case to the new ports on the kit and match the exhaust to the new pipe.

gaskets, of course get those, crank bearings are 6203 if memory serves me correct.

15 SHA. its an okay carb. its easy to tune, BUT you have to kinda tune for top end and have your mids and low revs be kinda rich. You also will need jets to tune the carb as well. you can use this spread sheet to see what other people using simmilar set ups are using for jetting and speeds they are getting.

ALSO NOTE: if you run a 15mm carb with your stock 12mm intake, its basically the same as running the 12 carb. the flow can only be as good as your restrictions. so get the appropriate intake and also get some new reeds, you'll thank yourself.

short cone filter, honestly don't waste your money on a filter. if you're paranoid put some pantyhose over the open carb with a hose clamp. this is a personal opinion. if you really want it get it.

pipes a good choice. I like the regular one a lot, and honestly the pipe on it would do fine with a 70 kit. its not a super top end ripper but it will get you going.

27 tooth. solid move. maybe mess with the rear too but don't go crazy. make sure you get the right front one though. you might need a dished front. if you order a flat the chain alignment will be off and vice versa.

low bars. you do you boo boo. but they will make ya back hurt.

80mph speedo. haha keep dreaming ;^) speedos on mopeds are silly to me.

if this is your first build I would HIGHLY suggest instead getting a head temp sensor to help with tuning.

speedo holder, see comment above.

round headlight. whatever go for it m8.

the rest of it is pretty much whatever ya want stuff. i think the paint looks plenty good. nice blue. get a good 415 chain, and a good throttle. With throttles i like to go with mid range the super cheap ones tend to be brittle.


blue first gear clutch spring.

Yellow second gear spring

Seal nut for sprocket.

lil note on the seal nut, Tomos motors have a self lubricating chain (seal behind the sprocket goes out OFTEN". they like to fling oil all over the rear of the bike. so don't paint it white haha. the seal nut helps this not happen..... as much.

good luck and have fun. take your time. don't loose shims, yadda yadda.

OH and if you have not built a motor before don't start until you have everything. leaving a motor open and apart for days or weeks only helps you forget how shit went together,

Re: First Build

^well put! I have to say too, I’m pretty sure you got a kit on that tomos allready! And if it has a kit n pipe I bet you got a 15 sha on there instead of a 14:12 like stock. Good looking bike man! Enjoy it!

Re: First Build

Yeah that looks like it has a kit....who wants to bet the guy put a top end on and diddnt tune it. Selling it non running cuz he diddnt jet the carb (edited)

Re: First Build

^pretty nice thing to do for your pops

yeah, get it running good as she sits.

depends on what u have, but id gear down if anything for the dirt.

Re: First Build

Josiah Radebaugh /

Hey, I think I saw this bike for sale!

Please run an air Filter. Pantyhose won't do much once it starts vibrating with the layers shifting about. By the time you get enough layers to do something, it'll be way too restrictive. If you don't mind fiddling with the air filter every time you take the carb off get this

If not, get this and cut it down to fit behind the black cap.

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