Peugeot polini cases vs malossi cases

Has anyone ever had a chance to build off of both of these cases? I would like to know which one you prefer and why.


Re: Peugeot polini cases vs malossi cases

Dirty30 Dillon /

I unfortunately haven't handled pug cases of any variety in quite some time, although I do remember the polini cases being very nice.

All said, Malossi's QC and machining on the Vespa cases is beautiful

Re: Peugeot polini cases vs malossi cases

I'll throw in my 2c

I THINK the malossi cases have more volume/larger intake compared to polini and are more ment for 70cc kits like the description states (maybe someone more knowledgeable could chime in about this).

The polini cases do offer IMO a nice mounting system and easy to adapt engine spring (don't need the plastic engine spacer doo-dad's). The malossi cases have a wider case bolt pattern so you can't just drop in the polini spring set up (unless you are using stock spring then they both work fine).

Here are the transfers, one is a stock and polini side by side and then malossi. You can see the malossi case have more meat to open up if needed.

Let us know what ya end up using!


Re: Peugeot polini cases vs malossi cases

The polini cases don't have the oiling holes for the bearings bored and the reed valve isn't as good in my opinion.

I built the polini, it went together ok but if it was my choice i would have built malossi. I think the polini is matched out of the box to the polini cylinders, so that might be one reason to go polini (if you really want to run something like the W port) but it takes a fair bit of cleanup.

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