Derbi Senda Head Temps

Hey there. I just acquired a Derbi Senda and upon getting it home I realize that when you start it (from cold) the temp light comes on. I’m hopefully assuming a bad sensor and not the radiator/pump. In the mean time til I can get a new sensor I’m throwing on cht gauge on.

My question is- what are tolerable/proper cylinder head temps for a Senda with 80cc airsal kit? stock everything else

Thanks in advance

Re: Derbi Senda Head Temps

You can run 350 like every other2t, but liquid cooled temps should stay under 240 while beating the shit out of it. I beat my senda up

Re: Derbi Senda Head Temps

unlikely to actually be temperature related. Derbi engines pull the temp from the coolant at the head. bad sensor/wiring or possible low coolant level.

Re: Derbi Senda Head Temps

Dirty30 Dillon /

> Dave & Bummerzz Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> possible low coolant level.

Was going to mention this, all it takes is one good air bubble or some cavitation and your sensor temps will rocket.

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