Er3 Vario alignment

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Any tips for vario-pulley alignment on a moby 50v? I have some pulley shims and the silent block adjusting tool.

Installed the er3 with clutch function today and on idle I get a hot rubber smell. I imagine it’s coming from the side of the belt rubbing against the cheeks. What a difference the reduce weight makes! Much higher idle than with a lightened stock vario.

It looks nice and aligned but I imagine there’s got to be a better way than just eyeballing it at rest and at full vario. Maybe something like an altered motion pro wheel alignment tool I use on the klr...

Running the ax30 belt and a stock pulley.


Re: Er3 Vario alignment

Okay first don’t float the pulley!

You have to shift the motor off to the left ( you might be able the flip the er3 If you wanted).

Try to find the best alignment, run it on the stand to see where it is rubbing, then move the motor. Its a pain in the ass, I wish I got the clutch pully also

Re: Er3 Vario alignment

I usually aim for perfect alignment at full var. if you’re trying to keep the pedals you should definitely not float the pulley. If you’re going to use a shaft with pegs on the swing arm you can use a spring on shaft(not the pulley side) and use thrust washers or bearings between the pulley and frame if you’re fancy.

Re: Er3 Vario alignment

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Hey thanks for the input guys. The pulley is pretty well shimmed at the moment. By float do you mean allowing for some transaxle play?

It sounds like eyeballing is the established practice. Just have someone rev it on the stand and look down the belt from the front of the bike to make sure the belt is straight at full vario?

Side note: the cardboard trick is neat but holy smokes do those fly off fast and somehow always directly at my face

Re: Er3 Vario alignment

Just close the cheek and cut an old belt. Revving it on the stand with the belt not aligned will either flip the belt or launch it off.

Re: Er3 Vario alignment

looks straight to me, check out your stock clutch that it disengaged at idle, no spinny vatiator at idle.

Re: Er3 Vario alignment

This is fucking weird, I literally read don’t float the pully a hundred times then some say float it.,4100739

It didn’t line up when I floated the back pully?

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