KStar buildup

I have the KStar 70cc kit I'm installing. Currently case matching (wore out my one dremel bit appropriate for it so getting a new set today.

1. How deep do I go when case matching? external diameter all the way down? I don't want to F up the oiling hole either (but possibly chamfer/smooth it out.) goal is reliable engine mid to high 40's, 50 would be great (enough to keep up with my gf's ruckus)

2. Is the stuffy crankset good for this? or should I stick with an unstuffed crankset? Either way all new bearings as this thing is old and I don't trust really old bearings even if it had low miles on it.

3. I'm using the PHBG carb. My friend is running an unmatched Kstar with the SHA and complaining about blowback. I wanted to port the engine a little bit (going to port map it today at the shop and report back) but I don't want to worsen fuel spraying back at me if it's already a problem on the stock KStar ports.

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