NC50 Stuffy crank help

Ordered the NC50 stuffy crank from treats during Black Friday before I got my engine apart, after comparing the two my stock is about a 1/2 inch longer on the clutch side and the stuffy doesn’t have a woodruff on that side either

Bike is a 78 and should be compatible, just curious if anyone had the same experience or what you did to make it work, Thanks in advance


Re: NC50 Stuffy crank help

The end in question is the clutch side of motor. I don't know the differences between the one speed and two speed cranks (if there are any).

Re: NC50 Stuffy crank help

Jack Rutherford /

I forget offhand but there is a difference between one and two speed cranks. The two speed crank must be longer on the stator side to account for all that extra clutch stuff. You have a thrust washer, drive sprocket, sun gear plate and clutch assembly.

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