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Is it worth me enlarging and matching the case and cylinder transfers on my a35 engine with airsal 65cc kit? I had an a35 before this but it had the a52 big transfer case halves like an a55. I can just match them s they are but then wondering if there would be any benefit to enlarging both to be similar to that of the a52 / a55 transfer sizes.

What would be the benefit (if any) of the larger transfers?

Running this setup with a parmakit cdi box, sha 15, jammer 1st gear clutch and non sidebleed estoril. I hit 45mph on a slight downhill and acceleration is OK I guess just have to let off the throttle a tad before it goes into 2nd gear.

Sorry if this is a newb / stupid question.

Cheers all. (edited)

Re: Transfer ports a35

Do it

Re: Transfer ports a35

i'm not sure what you are talking about? grinding out the cases to match the kit or grinding the kit transfers to match the cases?

either way it probably wont make any difference on that setup, my guess would be that you need taller gearing. Thats gonna make your first gear clutch perform even worse, but thats just the way it goes. That is a super low rpm kit so its not gonna work well with that clutch which is designed for a kit making more power at high revs. They do respond well to porting, so if it were me and i were searching for that elusive 55 mph number, i'd hog out the exhaust port and upgrade to a VM22

if your port timing is wrong and you need to shim the cylinder up, that will kill your top end as well, but to be honest 45 is probably about right for one of those, they just don't make a lot of high rpm power... they are nice and reliable and make good torque with the estoril so maybe the easiest thing to adjust would be your expectations.

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Sorry I could have explained better. I meant matching the cylinder to the case but then that got me thinking of also widening both to be like the a52 case size. Im more looking for smoother fast acceleration to the available top speed that unlocking more on the top end. If it ended up giving a bit more top end that'd be a bonus. I realise they're so many variables to take into account but right now the ports on the airsal don't match the case.

Re: Transfer ports a35

Also, when you say super low rpm kit I'm not sure what you mean.

Cheers for the response but the way.

Deffo gives me some thing to think about.

Re: Transfer ports a35

if u have to feather the throttle for it to shift into 2nd on a kitted a35, its outta tune.

should pull good n shift right off.

Re: Transfer ports a35

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Your kickstart cage. Rollers are ovaled. The ? spring is gone. Will it rev to hi heaven then engage only when you rev down to 5.000 rpms.....

It will manual shift like that once you get the hang of it.

Or ya glazed the pads...

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