Temperatures around the engine.

Does anyone have any clue around what temps you’d see inside the crank case or intake of a case inducted motor? Trying to figure some stuff out for science

Re: Temperatures around the engine.

Totally normal JBOT /

Depends on the engine.

Shitty lil air cooled heads allow heat to really creep into the cases.

Wc heads pull the heat out of everything

With a head temp of 350 your looking at around a 200deg range....maybe more.

Also depends on if you have cases filled with oil (clutch bath) or dry clutch too. Variated bikes with poor setups can heat the cases a lot by heat transfer from belt slippage.

As well, side covers will affect it too

So basically you gotta insert a probe if you really wanna know

Re: Temperatures around the engine.

Probably Fred /

Case inducted/reed inducted have more gas mixture (take a bigger jet) then piston port engines of same cc/type most times providing better lubrication so may run cooler but it helps to know which bike you’re talking about,

Re: Temperatures around the engine.

Turns out my original plan won’t work anyway, basically hypothesizing ways to make motors case indicted via the cavities already in the cases, thought about the possibility of using some of those aluminum brazing rods to “fill” the cavities partially then Grinding some away to make a tunnel through into the crank case. In a lot of the demo videos they fix stripped holes in aluminum blocks by basically filling it with the aluminum brazing rod. Was wondering if temps would get too high for it but I’m not thinking that’s a super smart way to do it anymore and that you’d still have to do a lot of tig work to mount an intake to the case or even just create a surface in the case to bolt and intake to.

Re: Temperatures around the engine.

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Got to use reeds are a rotary intake so you don't have to worry about the Temps. Then you cut all straight into the crankcase like the cylinder if you're running a bad it's really easy a sax motor is pretty easy to it's all been done look it up in the wiki some guy even took a Tomas engine and put a rotary intake / stator on it using an 80cc TomosMX dirt bike cyl.

Re: Temperatures around the engine.

I've had exactly 0% luck with the aluminum brazing rods.

I think the nickel percentage is important for them.

What kind of heat probes would you use for case temps?

Re: Temperatures around the engine.

its been a 50/50 with those aluminum rods but i wanna say it does stick. gotta prep, a few heat cycles to burn off that embedded oil, and the basically get it hot, not aluminum melting hot but darn close. when u get it right it will puddle and cling like solder and be hard as hell.

Re: Temperatures around the engine.

Totally normal JBOT /

Add a simple aluminum tube to one side of the cases, then add a remote hose clamp reed block. That's the easiest way.

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