I'm building up a hobbit with the 47mm metrakit, super stuffy crank, and a proma circuit. I was planning to go with a vm20, but then I got to thinking. I have a few different vm26 carbs laying around and I'm wondering if this will be way too much carb. I know I'll need to figure out some different reeds if I go that route because the stock reed block will be limiting. Kit will be case matched but no further porting.

Re: Metrakit/vm26

Dirty30 Dillon /

The VM26 is fine for the bore size, but your Reed opening is going to be the choke point

Re: Metrakit/vm26

Don't forget to mill the head and deck the cylinder or you might as well get a Dr kit.

Re: Metrakit/vm26

> Nick / Ratbone Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Don't forget to mill the head and deck the cylinder or you might as well

> get a Dr kit.

Second this

Re: Metrakit/vm26

I know the stocker would like to be cut but I'm getting the metrakit w/custom cut head package from treats. Will that combo need machine work to get the right squish?

Re: Metrakit/vm26

Terbo Speghetti /

Yeah, ditto the point about the reeds.

Get the dio adapter and a set of vforce reeds, you won't regret it

And about the machining, i'm assuming treats did their job and got it right on the hobbit metrakits and the new Peugeot ones. But in general never assume anything will or won't need machining. Sometimes it's both lol. Even the most universal shit has pretty common exceptions and it's impossible to anticipate all the variables. Get the kit while the sale is on, test fit it and you'll know for sure. (edited)

Re: Metrakit/vm26

Alright, finally got all my goodies together and started mocking things up.

Went with the trickmetric adaptor and Stage 6 dio reeds. I needed to make a spacer for the reed cage to keep it from rubbing on the crank.

Custom intake to hold the vm26 out to the side. I wanted to keep it clean and mount it in the subframe but I didn't want to cut up the frame just yet so this is what we got.

Carb is from a blaster btw. It might be a bitch to tune but its free so we're gonna see how it goes.

Now I just need to slice up and fit the yz80 pipe I've got for this thing.


Re: Metrakit/vm26

Started mocking this yz80 expansion chamber. I'm really liking how the lines are shaping up. Clears the pedals beautifully! So far I've only removed the floorboard supports to make room for this beast.


Re: Metrakit/vm26

Brandon Weiss (Detective brandon to you) /

Is the the new budget baffle from treats? I'm curious how they sound/perform.

That pipe is monstrous, looks like a stomach lol

Re: Metrakit/vm26

Ffr, the trick metric only works with vforce/top/stage6 8 petal reeds. The generic dio ones are longer.

Re: Metrakit/vm26

The pipe is done. I was dreading this fit up for awhile but slizing up that yz80 pipe was actually pretty relaxing during quarantine.

I'm not sure this thing will run worth a shit because the header diameter is huge and length is super short. Looks pretty sweet though.


Re: Metrakit/vm26

Only electronics left before I can start tuning.


Re: Metrakit/vm26

Bro fire

Re: Metrakit/vm26

Daniel speaks the truth. careful with that trickmetrick adapter

Re: Metrakit/vm26

nice, i have a spare vm26 kicking around from an old dt175.

Re: Metrakit/vm26

Good job on the intake and pipe! I love handmade parts! I do suggest porting to take advantage of the carb and the nice reeds. You’ve gone that far yaknow lol atleast porting is free

Re: Metrakit/vm26

Love the intake and exhaust. Nice work. With that kit that pipe and carb should be a good match. Excited to see how it does.

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