Puch carb upgrade question

Ethan Katowitz /

Is it worth it to upgrade from a 14 mm carb to a 15? I have a 70cc kit installed already and am reaching about 40-42 max. I also have a performance techno exhaust and my gearing is 16/40 (to make sure the RPMs don’t get too high). And if I upgrade to a bigger carb, do I have to use a new jet? (I have a 76 in right now, which seems to be working the best). And would I have to readjust the timing of the stator?

Sorry for the ton of questions, I’m trying to find a solution for better low end power and maybe a few mph faster at top speed.

Re: Puch carb upgrade question

Alex Fredericksen /

Leave it for now. 14 up to 15 isn't much. IF you do go up to 15, yes, you will need to re-jet. Shouldn't have to mess with timing for now.

Re: Puch carb upgrade question

42mph is about right if you didn’t case match. If you did case match then add Super stiffy clutch springs 3 turns in from flush and then gear to 17x40. 76 seems big if you’re using a 2.22 atomizer with aftermarket air filter. I ran with a 72.

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