Did I get a downgraded 2hp maxi?

Picked up a nice puch Maxi 2hp that had some modifications that seem to have made it slower

Currently: treats bing replica 12mm (shouldn’t it be 14mmcarb?) with a 52 (lol way too small it chokes on throttle unless I tape over the intake hole)

Motor seems stock otherwise. The old carb had fuel left in (presumably ethanol mix) and it ate all the metal. It had a square bottom carb before.

What should I do to hit 40?

Start w carb upgrade? Or tune the 12mm and get a pipe?

I’m tempted to pull the motor and do a kit w crank since I never trust other ppls work and I can port it.

Sorry newbie here. Feel free to yell and scream. Used to four strokes.

Re: Did I get a downgraded 2hp maxi?

Terbo Speghetti /

Probably something that needed repair, and the smaller carb was what they had on the shelf. Find a bigger one if you want, but you're prob better off saving up for a kit and intake and carb all at once.

Re: Did I get a downgraded 2hp maxi?

Terbo Speghetti /

And 52 would prob be ok if the airbox was on and it was warm out. Don't run it much if it's lean, but you prob knew that.

Re: Did I get a downgraded 2hp maxi?

Overpriced Parts /

If a aluminum open port 2hp cylinder it should have a 14mm bing

Re: Did I get a downgraded 2hp maxi?

you can port stock over 40, probably still with that 12, and a decent pipe. dig through some old builds I can't think of any specifics,

One maxi I ported that stock Al 2hp cylinder; I'd gone just wildly bigger i think it was a eurocilindro 50 kit portmap I was copying? a little over 3mm up and 3 out on each side, hogged out the transfers on the jug & case, intake down 2mm inside and widened out and matched to the 15 bing intake and cut piston skirt to match at tdc. 15x42, 15 bing, technigas next R, 2 shoe clutch w kickstart springs, stock roller crank, lightened bell and starter plate (just drill it, you can make up an easy jig to fit the slots in the bell for evenly spaced holes) stock points,15x42 gearing

it'd get mid 40s and I spent close to nothing on it.

Re: Did I get a downgraded 2hp maxi?

My stock 2hp,14mm bing, stock porting, super derestricted stock exhaust, stock gearing (16x45) , stock clutch tune, Hitting mid 30s, takes off good and climes really fucking big hills. It has like 8,000 miles on it and i never opened the cylinder lol

It’s probably the mouse nest in the crank case, probably worth 5mph+

Re: Did I get a downgraded 2hp maxi?

well, I ordered some 60's range jets for the bing 12, a tecno circuit exhaust, a 17T front sprocket, a filter for the carb, and last night I tucked the wiring into the intake hole and shortened/lengthened a few wires. I didn't realize the kill switch just grounded the + and shorted it out. The Prev owner wired the kill switch wrong so it didn't work. I think I should put a keyed ignition in the frame with the tucked wiring. Spark is pretty robust. Better than on my motorcycle!

I'm guessing based on looking up around a 62-64 jet for a 2hp motor, metal treats filter, tecno circuit, and bing 12mm? I'll have to see what the hell kind of square carb was on it before underneath the layers of ethanol and salt corrosion. I think a soak in the ultrasonic might clear it up.

My buddy is building a honda CT70 into a chopper so as long as we can ride together I'm good. We've got a decent sized moped group in Rochester now...

Re: Did I get a downgraded 2hp maxi?

I cracked it open today. It’s a #1 aluminum top end.

The intake port measures 17mm diameter and it’s round. Did some looking and I don’t think any stock E50 should have a 17mm intake port. Seems the 12mm carb and intake are major choke points. I think someone already ported this motor...

I’m tempted to run it as it is with an appropriate intake and carb and see what it will do...


Re: Did I get a downgraded 2hp maxi?

Mil Mercury,

Here is a link to the puch cylinders on Wiki. I believe you have the cylinder second down on the list. https://www.mopedarmy.com/wiki/Puch_cylinder_kit_summary

Re: Did I get a downgraded 2hp maxi?

I would say it’s a Magnum X cylinder

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