Puch Bing 15mm intake

I am using this intake to upgrade my jawa and have some basic questions. What type of intake bushings do you use with it? The forums recommend cutting a soda can or milk container. Is there anything easier to use. What good performance carbs are available for that intake?

Re: Puch Bing 15mm intake

I think that is for a 15 Bing, my dude, so use a 15 Bing Carb

Re: Puch Bing 15mm intake

So the shim issue is if you wanna put a different carb on there but it should just fit any old round bing straight up. you do need the lil o-ring in there, same as a stock intake. other carbs you could probably make a dellorto SHA or something fit, but why? bing 15 is the carb for this intake, and is great. i guess if you had a spare SHA around you could save some bucks that way.

user Vlado recommended using the SHA puch intake, and dexcribes making that work here:


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