Spark plug?

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So I’m running a 70cc kit on a puch maxi. With a techno circuit pipe and a high flow air filter! There’s a 14 bing that looks like they dremeled the part where the filter goes to try and make it a 15?! I got it with a 60 jet in it. So I decided to Upjet to a 74,70, 64 and it ran really weird with those sizes. It would bog at high speed!

This is what my spark plug looks like!

Any suggestions!?


Re: Spark plug?

Go back to the 60 jet?

Re: Spark plug?

Overpriced Parts /

The plug picture is not a 1 mile plug chop, research with a plug chop is,

With a unmodded 14mm bing, 72 jet with a 222 atomizer/needle jet works great with that kit and pipe but do you have to have correct timing,

And you have to have correct squish and have the ports be full open on bottom dead center, no piston ring in exhaust port, the treats kit is so far off it isn’t funny, it needs base spacing with cylinder decked or countersunk head,

Be off one size on the jet or be off on timing and your bike will be a dog,

Re: Spark plug?

Read the whole plug, not just colour


Re: Spark plug?

Anothony, what plug brand and number is that? (edited)

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