Pipe recommendation for this setup?

Brad William /

Recommend me a pipe with a fairly flat torque curve for all around commuting?

E50. Geared 16/45

Airsal 44mm with matching head from jmpb parts.

Mikuni 18mm genuine.

I have two of these kits that I'm going to rejuvenate the puchs with this winter.

Probably both e50s, but maybe the za50.

One of the kits will have the 18mm mikuni, the other will use a 16mm mikuni clone. (example of which is also at jmpb). Will be interesting to compare the two.

May end up with less than 45 rear teeth. Will experiment.

Do not want to exceed 40mph.

thanks! (edited)

Re: Pipe recommendation for this setup?

Johnnie Distefano /

Estoril will probably do real nice for what you're looking for. You'll be doing over 40 with almost anything with that setup you described, but with tons of torque though.....

Re: Pipe recommendation for this setup?

Brad William /

Solid advice from what i can tell so far.

I know this has been well discussed here, but no harm in updating peoples comments and experience with the Estoril?

The center bleed version is out of stock at treats right now and a few bucks more. Worth the wait til it comes back? With the current 20℅ sale im a bit pissed that its unavailable. Id have put it in mybasket without a pause.

Is the center bleed quieter? Thats a solid plus for me. AFA looks i dont care, one or the other. I wish they'd just painted the goddamn non-chrome one black at this point after, what, five years of complaints about the clear coating bubbling off?

Anyway. Any updates on these pipes? (edited)

Re: Pipe recommendation for this setup?

BBQ Grill paint and mine is now black....and has been for 8 years.

Re: Pipe recommendation for this setup?

Estoril for the win. I switched from a boss to an estoril with a similar setup and the difference was INSANE. With an estoril you get great takeoff especially if you tune your clutches like I did. Using stock clutch springs I turned in the screws 4 1/2 turns in from flush and combined with the estoril I launch from a stop

Re: Pipe recommendation for this setup?

Proma GP is what you want here, healthy boost in the midrange and it will help a bit on the top end but wont make much power over 8000 rpm on that setup. The estoril is going to be a higher revving pipe but you will have to deal with pedal clearance and mounting.

You can gear it to go faster if you want but mid-40's for sure, my airsal 44/ bing 14 on a ZA50 with 18x40 gears was doing 43-44. Thats about the same as 16x45 on an E50, i expect it would pull better with the VM18.

I'm not sure how an estoril would run on that kit, because its very conservative porting. They run pretty good on everything but if it were me going that route, i'd probably add some porting to let the cylinder take advantage of that pipe.

Re: Pipe recommendation for this setup?

Brad William /

Graham is the proma gp suggest primarily for fitment's sake? Not an issue. No cranks/pedals on any of my puchs and im comfortable with cutting and tig welding

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