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Ditch the stock pipes and astral side bleeds either get an airplane exhaust 70cc and modded to fit kind of loud depending on your carb setup a shorty intake will perform best and will probably be the quietest if it had an air box that was properly figured for restrictive airflow or rather unrestricted or slightly restricted if it's slightly restricted it will be quieter

Granny quiet a pug exhaust that has been derestricted

Drop your bottom base gasket so that its metal-on-metal make sure it's flush you can use yamabond or some such poop or make a paper gasket something extremely thin and then time accordingly.

Depending on where you live and the elevations involved such as is it hilly is it a level area that will determine what gearing's you should use just because you have taller gears does not make you go faster in fact it's the reverse if you want better engine and performance you make the front taller every 2 on the front equates 2 12 teeth rear or 1 to 6 but it also goes by diameter if you want an overall good performer in hilly areas for example you would go 2626 a stock OEM A3 is GERD 2413 moderate 26 24 you get the idea depending on your setup and where your clutch engages and when your pipe hits it's all a juggling Act and it takes a while foreign it all comes together it is a beautiful thing if you are a 75 lb soaking wet teenager and you take a wild ride on my Tomas you're going to be flipping a wheelie from takeoff or it's going to weasel right out from under you cuz mine's a torque monster it will get you a fast off the line but the top speed is limited it's made to lift my 200-pound body up big Hills now if I dropped it 26 13 I'd be bugging and I'd be passing cars on the freeway put on a moped 35 is plenty fast especially if you can go up a hill 35 that is the ultimate goal for me and not pissing off the neighbors by having firecrackers going off at 3 in the morning because I'm hungry because I'm stoned and I need a hoagie stat

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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