Puch Magnum MKII 1.5 and 2.0 Horsepower Differences

So I'm trying to figure out the stock differences between the 1.5 and 2.0 HP Puch Magnum MKII, and can use some help.

Seen that the maxi has information on its HP differences and how to convert 1.5 to 2, so I want info on how to do that with a magnum mkii.

I have a 1978 Puch Magnum MKII 1.5 hp, Assembled in Spain if that makes a difference.

1. Head Gasket

Puch 1.5 HP - 1.5mm Aluminum gasket

Puch 2.0 HP - 0.4mm Aluminum gasket


2. Carburetor

Puch 1.5 HP - Bing 1/12/323 - Size 48 Jet, Number 11 Slide

Puch 2.0 HP - Bing 1/12/322 - Size 60 Jet, Number 51 Slide

3. Air Filter

Puch 1.5 HP - Has Restrictors 349., Rear intake silencer part 321.

Puch 2.0 HP - No Restrictors, Rear intake silencer part 321.

What Is the difference with the Rear intake silencers?


4. Exhaust

Puch 1.5 HP - 321.5.16.801.2

Puch 2.0 HP - 321.4.16.801.2

Different Header Pipes.

What is the differences between the header pipes?

I took the header out of my 1.5 HP, has no holes in it at all, just a pipe.

I'm guessing the 2.0 HP has Holes in it?



Re: Puch Magnum MKII 1.5 and 2.0 Horsepower Differences

Probably Fred /

If you want to go 37-41mph with good take off email me with specs

All that junk about replacing all that stuff then goin to 2hp stuff for not much gain, throw away all the stock airbox and bat exhaust stuff and have this:


Mine Goes 40+ with great takeoff with mesh filter and 35$ treats chamber on stock header, I kept the oil injection also after new lines

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