Jetting questions

Hello folks so I Just recently purchased a proma circuit pipe to replace my broken stock pipe and a new dellorto 12.10 carb for my 1996 kinetic. I'm running stock for the most part I would have bought a stock replacement pipe but Treats dosen't carry them I know that the 12.10 comes with a 45 main jet. Just wondering how I would figure out the proper main jet for the performance pipe. I have a 48, 49 and 50 main jet to work with. Thanks in advance

Re: Jetting questions

Alexandro Ramirez-Nagy /

You probably won't get any gain in power or performance from the proma exhaust with a 12.10. But if a performance pipe is meant to return unspent fuel, then I would expect something below a 50. maybe. I'm not too familiar with tuning.

Re: Jetting questions

Michael Forrest /

Tell me the engine size, and max RPM (guessing since you won't know till you try it with the pipe) and I'll tell you the main jet size needed. When it is "on the pipe" the carbs suction increases due to the engine pulling in more intake and so for the same RPM you need smaller jetting to compensate. The exception to this statement is when the pipe changes the peak RPM.

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