Bing Needle Stuck Down?

Hey guys,

I’m going to be replacing the stock carb with a 15 mm one with high flow filter. I noticed that the needle on the stock one sticks out of the carb and the new one does not. Can someone explain why the new one doesn’t stick out?

Also, and tips on installation would be helpful, this is my first rodeo. Everything else is stock with the MLM stack high flow I was thinking about a 66 jet, does that sound like a good place to start?

Thanks for the help!

(The first photo is the stock on installed, the second photo is the new carb) (edited)


Re: Bing Needle Stuck Down?

That’s the choke rod, controls the choke plate inside. I’ve heard some 15s don’t have a choke, but you can use the black “button” to pump some gas into the bowl to flood it a bit before starting, which might work instead of choking? Weird

Re: Bing Needle Stuck Down?

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You don’t have it connected to choke plate correctly or missing plate,

You could take the black stem off a old carburetor lever with heat and then heat it back up up and put it on the other one or just use old lever if you think it’s longer

Looks like you need to change cable elbow from your old one to the new one too.

If you’re running your stock exhaust and airbox your wasting your time and money with that 15mm carb and intake

Re: Bing Needle Stuck Down?

I’ll be taking the stock air box off and adding a high flow intake. It’s by MLM and looks like a funnel with a thin filter on the end.

So, you’re saying I don’t need a choke, that I could just use the black button?

Re: Bing Needle Stuck Down?


Re: Bing Needle Stuck Down?

Yes you might need a choke to start (sometimes). with everything hooked up the the carb all you do is pull the throttle on and the choke rod will pop-up unless the cable and elbow is wiped out. Put a pipe on it or you really are wasting you money.

Re: Bing Needle Stuck Down?

I’ll try to put the choke pin from my old one in the new one once I get it apart. I’ll get a pipe. It was in the plans anyway. I was taking someone else’s advice to just do one upgrade at a time, but I’m all for just jumping in.

Re: Bing Needle Stuck Down?

Should of gotten the angled intake from mlm instead of the stocker looking on in ur second photo (edited)

Re: Bing Needle Stuck Down?

This was part of the kit, does that one have better flow or something? This one will probably fit right?

Re: Bing Needle Stuck Down?

The black button is essentially a primer like you find on a chainsaw or something, which may help when starting, or not depending on how well you are tuned.

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