Clutch bell angled cheek

Any of you guys experimenting with different angles on the angle of the cheeks on clutch bell?


I welded and lathed my hobbit bell on my derbi to match the same angle as the tjt variator, so a steeper angle on the bell. Not sure if I like it, it seems like it variates even easier now. Had to step up from a red contra to the century spring thing to prevent overvariation, so now that getting coil bound is the limiting factor. Doesn't feel as quick but I also just put a lower, heavier front end on the bike. Might go back to stock hobbit bell

I thought a steeper angle would mean more resistance to variation but it seems like in practice it's the opposite

Re: Clutch bell angled cheek

I think J bot experimented with it some. Maybe he will chime in or you can talk to him

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