Bing carburetor theory, performance

Starting at the beginning. Bing carburetors suck for performance other very basic.

The big thing I see so far is the slide travels to far at the top of opening an by doing so it pulls the tapered needle out of the atomizer way to far the making it run too rich and possibly causing four stroking, that’s why you need to back off on the throttle to stop it from happening. Now for the fix of just this one issue (more will come) the carb slide travel must be limited by installing a hard plastic tube on the cable between the top of the slide and the bottom carb top or installing a shim in the throttle housing and the throttle tube to limit the rotation throttle tube thus preventing the slide from traveling too far up in to the carb.

If anyone reads this and has more to add then please do so tell me I have it right or wrong or I’m full of it.

Re: Bing carburetor theory, performance

Are you using a 12 bing?

Re: Bing carburetor theory, performance

Beach Club Nick /

You can always retard your timing a little bit if you're four-stroking at WOT to try to mitigate it

Re: Bing carburetor theory, performance

Wouldn't dropping the needle by raising the clip up one position accomplish the same thing?

Re: Bing carburetor theory, performance

Mikey Antonakakis /

Shouldn't hurt to make it so the slide doesn't open more than it needs to, go for it.

Re: Bing carburetor theory, performance

I kind of like the 14-15 bings. A known quantity to me and lots of interchangeable parts between them. Performance is decent.

I think the different sized carb top elbows and the elbow adjusting screw can help with some of what you are talking about.

My problem historically has not been enough slide lift, but to your point too much is a problem too.

Re: Bing carburetor theory, performance

Too high of slide position can create adverse turbulence . Possibly pulling unwanted fuel into the carb throat .

So , first adjust the slide height .

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