Help with new cdi

W.C. Fifield /

I just received a pietcard 2001 cdi and a pietcard 3003/04 and need help getting the wires straight. Coil has a blue and grey wire and was wondering which wires it connects to on the cdi and which wire from the cdi goes to the ignition and which goes to the kill switch. This is my first time working on a moped and I'm trying to fix it up for a friend.


Re: Help with new cdi

Based on the instruction sheet in Spanish:

Red= to sensor (Grey wire)

Yellow Out from Box= to coil power (Blue wire )

Green= to high tension coil

Yellow Pigtail (male connector)= to kill switch

Black= to Ground

Re: Help with new cdi

W.C. Fifield /

Thank you very much.

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