Tomos snowflakes with EBR forks

So I've been fiddling with the spacing on the front wheel of my tomos. It's gonna be reasonably fast (not quite NJ), and I'm not a huge fan of the dozen washers I have spacing it out. It's a (GENUINE TOMOS) snowflake from a silver bullet (loose bearing that I converted to sealed) between a set of (I think) Sprint (drum) EBRs. Had the bearings on my shelf, and they fit right in. Got an axle that was long enough and 12mm. The issue I'm having is with the spacing between the hub and the bearing, and the hub and the forks.....which is all the spacing. Any pro tips out there? I was going to order the bushings and spacers from treats, as they are only like $4 a piece, but if there is a more local option that I could cut to size, I figured I would ask here and procrastinate on the sale. I'm also not sure if the parts on treats would fit in the designated spaces. Dunno if the snowflakes are the same as 5 stars in dimensions, but if anyone has had actual tomos snowflakes that they have done this with....Please give me the numbers haha. Thanks in advance.

Re: Tomos snowflakes with EBR forks

You can pick up 1/2" x 2.5" schedule 80 ( heavy wall ) PVC nipples at Lowes for $.56 .

Cut to size and paint what ever color you'd like .

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