Morini M1 Tuning

Hey all,

Picked up my first Morini powered moped. 1987 Sebring LTD with 1.9 miles on it. Not a typo.

Before I take the motor apart to change all the seals / gaskets / etc, I'm curious as to what simple - stock looking - mods are most impactful for this motor. Have a lot of experience with A35 / A55 and E50 motors so feel free to be technical.

Moped is bone stock with a 14.12 SHA and the 9mm intake. Found a 14mm intake on Ebay in Italy that I scooped up and am waiting to arrive. While I wait, I'm curious as to what you all can suggest in the way of a carb (bigger SHA? Vm18? Stock for the venturi effect?). I'll eventually end up with the MLM side bleed pipe at some point.

Looking for a "reliable" 40mph. Ped currently does a steady 25mph



Re: Morini M1 Tuning

Mikey Antonakakis /

Get a kit on there, and a little bit stiffer clutch springs. Not crazy high stall, just a little more than stock. With a pipe and decent carb, you'll be closer to 45-50mph with good acceleration. It doesn't end up being a very high strung motor (especially if you don't go with a high RPM pipe), so shouldn't have any reliability issues, at least none that you wouldn't have had regardless.

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No point going any bigger than 14 if you got a 14mm intake...would a 14 bing slipppy on that?

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ported gila+estoril+vm18+nice reeds+yellow springs 13x32

its the best- it takes off quick off the like and roars to 53

Re: Morini M1 Tuning

Reliable 40mph will be to put a kit like a cheap 43.5mm Airsal, stock carb (or 15 SHA), stock 14mm intake + any non-huge pipe.

Re: Morini M1 Tuning

Thanks for your input fellas.

While I wait for my MLM sidebleed and reed kit (.28mm) from treatland I put on the 14mm Morini intake, SHA metal screen / black cap air filter, and upjetted to 58. Took it for a spin and it did about 28mph - slightly improved from stock.

When I put the new pipe and reeds on I'll upjet to the mid 60s or so. Bought a range of 60 jets and I dont foresee needing more than that for the time being.

Believe stock gearing is 13/32 unless I counted the rear wrong in a hurry. Any idea where I can get a rear sprocket for this? Believe I saw a 13 and 14 tooth front sprocket on sale from treatland.

I'm curious to see what speed the upgraded intake, reeds, filter, exhaust and upjetting can get me to. I want to give these a try before doing any kind of kitting

Thanks again


Re: Morini M1 Tuning

Update on this. Put the all the parts on and the bike is moving along well to 35mph. Those blue springs and pipe helped a lot. Anyone have any suggestions to get it over that 40mph mark? Aside from kitting / porting. I'll leave those ideas for the winter once I take everything apart to replace the seals, bearings, etc. With the mods I mentioned before I'm currently at a 65 jet which I'm not 100% sure is right.

Thanks all


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just a pipe? jetting it too high

carb came with a 52 normally stock, with a pipe i would go to 56-58 jet only especially with the SHA14.12 on it . maybe 60 tops, check the plug for color. also how much oil are you running per gallon?

Re: Morini M1 Tuning

Pipe, 14mm intake (came with the 9mm), upgraded reeds, and metal mesh air filter

Running Amsoil Saber 80:1 (edited)

Re: Morini M1 Tuning

Heres the plug. Looks on the rich side


Re: Morini M1 Tuning

Might try the 63 and 61 jets with new plugs once they get here

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