Derestrict a 505/1 sachs

What do I need to do to derestrict a stock sachs 505/1?

Re: Derestrict a 505/1 sachs

Use the Search and the Wiki, it helped me a ton. Tons of Sachs stuff in the site.

The 12mm sometimes will have a restrictor plate inside, take that out and upjet 1. If not, drill out the baffle, regear. Make sure you have no airleaks.

Re: Derestrict a 505/1 sachs

What does the restrictor plate look like? And drill a hole in the baffle? How do I know where to do it?

Re: Derestrict a 505/1 sachs

Get the larger 28mm header, if the air filter has a small hole open it up, u

Maybe up jet, and re gear.

Re: Derestrict a 505/1 sachs

On the plastic air filter box make the outer hole bigger or drill a hole or two in it? What do you mean regear? (edited)

Re: Derestrict a 505/1 sachs

Restrictor Plate, it on the top of the carb and goes where the internal choke would be on other carbs.

Yes, drilling a hole in the airbox would help, or making the existing hole bigger. But you need a bigger exhaust header before you drill too much or it wont make a difference.

Drill or make it a little bigger 2-4mm bigger and upjet 1 or 2.

Youll know if youre too lean (small jet) if the bike dies when you open the throttle from idle.

Regearing means just that, changing the gears. Look up gear ratios to see what you are aiming for, torque or top speed increase.

Restrictor plate.,4142467

Re: Derestrict a 505/1 sachs

Inside the muffle the is a little nut you can see through the end of it. Undo that and the tip should come off. Inside is a baffle that redirects exhaust. Drill a couple of holes in that to allow better airflow.

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