Fork spring rates?

I've been doing some reading and research and haven't come up with a whole lot on this subject matter. Wondering if anyone has ever played with different springs in their stock forks? I've been considering K10's or some hydro late model tomos forks for my tomos bikes, but also playing with different springs? Are moped fork springs fairly universal in size? Is there any sort of aftermarket for them? Does stiffer=better in regards to front forks? Should I be bothering to ask such questions instead of just going with different forks?

Re: Fork spring rates?

The real question is what do you want from your ride?

Performance and comfort are two extremities.

Re: Fork spring rates?

companies like racetech make gazillions of springs and they have pretty good info on their website, if you call them up with your spring dimensions and a spring rate (lbs per inch of compression) they can tell you if they got something that will fit.

the k10's are pretty shitty forks, they are really heavy and the only reason people ever used them is they were dirt cheap, which they aren't anymore.

pocketbike forks, PW80 forks, TTR125, DT50, and even CR/KX/YZ80 forks are pretty cheap and easy to come by, if you pick a bike like the motocrossers that already has a 17 wheel its a lot easier.

you pretty much just gotta grab something and make it work. the longer forks like the dirtbike stuff you can shorten and add preload spacers to adjust spring rate, fine tune with oil level, pretty much no matter what you do its going to be way better than moped forks but its varying levels of fucking around and making spacers and stuff.

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