12V lights - which bulb

im sure there's a million threads on this, but the search system is terrible.

honda hobbit/pa50ii

HPI CDI external

I know i have to get the 12v conversion for the front lamp, question is regarding rear brake/light.

I want to keep the STOCK taillight housing and such... which BULB on treats is the one(s) i should go with that will fit the stock housing?


Re: 12V lights - which bulb

Brad William /

Like every other online forum, a Google search with the addition of "mopedarmy" is far superior to the forum's search.

And for the xxxtheeethn time here, any 12v ac "landscape" bulb from a big box store or online will serve without any other additions. No regulator. No nonsense. (edited)

Re: 12V lights - which bulb

yup thanks

thats what i figured.

thumbs up.

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