Re: FS1E build

Garry's bikes fast Ted Allspeed has been to his and exprienced them.

I was at moped run in UK 2 weeks ago with him at Eagle run

Re: FS1E build

Jakey came over too and flika :) good old days of the Fizzy home page ….. lots of bull shitting and fun times Till they banned me ,,

I was very Bad …. That Dick with the Garellies Steve was really dogging Americans … really saying some bad stuff and I’m now a citizen and my wife and kid are American..

So I got his cell and had a mate call him and tell him he had 2 1975 garellies in a shed … since 1980 and wanted to sell them 500 pounds … about 8 hours drive round trip from his home …. Well with lots of carrot dangling and some good directions even naming pubs close to the finish of the drive .. and a promise to buy him a few beers after the sale was over …

That sucker drove 4 hours one way and was blocks away from the bogus address..

My buddy calls him …. Where are you now ,,, are you here yes … we’ll can’t meet now on the other line with GARRY K…. He said hi

Well there was a OH FUCK .. then click :) hahahaha yer then I was banned for ever IP blocked the lot … oh well

Re: FS1E build

Lots and lots of Good people on all sites forums by equally amounts of not so.

You know Garry don't yah 😜, fun is great till people don't understand things then because of there superior inteligence then get the Arse.

Had it many times myself personally i don't bite no more as I think it does more by ignoring the keyboard soldiers.

Flikka and Jakey not heard of them in alot of yrs now.

Wonder what happened to the Not so, and mb5 they tuned up

Re: FS1E build

7 years ago flika split up with his wife and sort of went off in a new direction.

Stopped posting stopped replying to texts and e mails to me and most others it seems .

Stow wife left him about the same time ..he stopped posting on the page … then we rode out to a biker bar we go to on our Harleys … but on the Peds . And some drunk biker gave stow hard time said all ped riders are gay .. after that stows never ever rode anywhere on his two Peds ..

we still go there on the harleys now and then …

Big lad 59years old lots of tatts ,, just embarrassed him … water off a ducks back me ..

61 still ride my ped harley Honda what ever I got … 61 going on 16 my said :)


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