FS1E build

well after a year of not building old jap bikes as a hobby. i jumped back in when a found a yamaha G7s for free :) ..

i had a fs1e and ruled the streets in 76 as a young boy with packs of other wayward teens unable to have a car because of the ridiculous laws in the UK and the government drivers license test centers that took you on a hour long driving test only to fail you and make you wait 6 to 9 months to take a second test.

same old fail .

miss uses of steering wheel

miss uses of rear view mirror

miss uses of turn signal

WTF ..

yes if you where under 21 and tried to get a car license 80% failed on the above.

anyway the G7s is the same bike other than the motor as the early fizzys so starting there i’m going to build one with a 4 speed fs1 motor and G7s motor :) so i can switch over as it takes the mood :)

i stripped the frame to metel and have give it a good prime in black ..

got both motors and have ordered the stock fizzy ex pipe and number plate mount .. bidding on the side covers .. funny after i bid found out there in my old home town in essex :) ... could be my old 76 fizzy panels ? who knows

there a pic of the color i’m going to do popsicle purple.. the 2 nd color for the UK

74/75 years ... really shouts 1970ssssss or what ... also seen on all the best Vw beach buggy’s . more this weekend Ted


Re: FS1E build

follow up few more pics. the red speed block is the one i had in 76 ..

the other pics .. parts of the g7 i’m changing to a fizzy


Re: FS1E build

Re: FS1E build

gots some more done .. tank stripped and now 99% fixed

got the wheels cleaned up like new and the fender cans out like new .. almost 50 years old .

Got a new pipe from the UK .. it got dinged up in shipping .. but after some tapping and TLC i got it back like new


Re: FS1E build

the pipe is fixed. .. the tank has dings .. but now it’s good will post pic later


Re: FS1E build

new 21mm carb from treats :) long way off fitting it .. working on the tank dents :)

seems no one has any in put on the fs1.

talking to my self ..

it must be i got more than 2 gears and voted for Trump:).

oh and i just had to sit next to this .. flying back from the UK after a meet up with real guys who rode peds in 76 /77 ..

yes she was chatting.. in german .. paid for my beer


Re: FS1E build

I've been following the thread lol. Hey, do you happen to know what forks fit the FS1/GS6/7??????? (edited)

Re: FS1E build

Side cover replica sold here. Good seller


Re: FS1E build

i did buy that same cover took 8 weeks to get here :) .. it’s not as good as it looks in the pics .. i used a lot of filler to smooth it out .. but for the price it will do .. the other side cover i paid 170 pounds about $180 ..

holy shit as soon as they hit e bay UK they sell for lots .. and most of them guys will not ship to the usa ..

in 1976 i paid 169 pounds to buy a brand new fs1e i worked on the rail way at 16 it was 3 weeks pay ..they sold for about 200 to 240 but a big dealer had like 200 lined up for a R plate blow out .

back then the last letter of the tag was the year of the bike .. August 1st new plate letter came out . R so lots of folk hold off mid summer buying to get the new plate ??

so cash in hand i got a deal .. and now i pay the same for one side cover :)

OH the forks ? well seems i know as much as you fs1 and g7. g6. g5 seem to be the same .. but i’m sure there on lots more 70s yams

Re: FS1E build

so the 1975 blue with white pinstripe are almost never seen .. only 2 or 3 are floating about the fizzy collection in the UK so i’m now 100% going blue ..

i’m not finished with all the body work .. but shot some paint to give me a better clue on how it’s going to look .. as i said the right panel was cheap after market.. needs the ignition key hole cut .. yet .. and the other bloody expensive one is not 100% yet ... but may have not been in the 70S cheap bikes with a 3 year life expectancie

so a few pics more ..


Re: FS1E build

so there ya go ... got some turn signals all old stuff for a great low price ...oh and a pic of a country fucker Nat , with his blue pinstripe.. don’t think he has it now

as he would say from that area

Oooo rrrr

it’s as nice as me mums tractor .. only blue :)

yes i can say that i’m on the usa


Re: FS1E build

well not on the usa IN the usa :) ..

i had to fill in this area ... really crappy where it was stamped out .. and i filled in the two badge holes


Re: FS1E build

one handed with a cell phone


Re: FS1E build

Man, I want some disk brakes. Cool to see they came with that option.

I found a list of forks that fit the RD60, which should be the same as the FS1/GS7 all it takes it getting the right bearings.

Re: FS1E build

well the RD50 sold in the UK was available with nice mags and disc brakes .. they fit right on .. and guys use them on the FS1e


Re: FS1E build

I got some paint on this weekend:) and i’m happy with how it came out .. it’s not a custom bike and i’m not doing a show room restore .. but that paint is as good as a factory job .. went on easy .. i’m happy ..

will let it sit till next weekend and then polish it up..

stickers on the way :).

any other guys on here have a fs1 or fs1e ?


Re: FS1E build

I really like that blue .

Definitely an eye catcher and the bit of sparkle just ads a tickle to the flavor . ;)

Re: FS1E build

That colour is popping! Looks like a great finish, you do it for a living?

Re: FS1E build

I updated the ignition/electrical to Hpi mini with floated ground, reg/rec, 12v flasher relay, 12v hybrid power cap battery, sub ohm ignition coil, and the 300gram flywheel weight.

I know the hpi isn't new to anyone but, Huge upgrade all around and would recommend to fizzy people. Starts first kick idles low and smooth. Easier adjustable timing/lower temps.


Re: FS1E build

Yeah, I added a HPI mini to mine. Love it

Re: FS1E build


I sell meat products:) .. i did that paint with spray cans made up at a auto body paint shop .. Can use a spray gun but i do a great job with theses cans .. the mix they do sets up in a snap no runs even if i spray in close


Re: FS1E build

That paint looks really good

Re: FS1E build

well the bars and rear fender came in so put them on ,, still haven’t dropped the cylinder off to punch out to 44mm need to do that motors ready to go in .. getting the shop to skim the clutch down so i can run an extra clutch plate ..


Re: FS1E build

well the only FS1 build in the USA moves on a bit

need this bracket


Re: FS1E build

bloody expensive... not paying that

Re: FS1E build

> Ted Kenny Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> bloody expensive... not paying that

Can you make one as nice as that one , for 50 bucks ?

Re: FS1E build

You could ask these guys if they have one.

Re: FS1E build


Well not done much on the fizzy the harley needs a fuel pump rebuild,, been F in about with it .

Did bolt the motor in and cleaned the foot peg bar up and slapped it on ..


Re: FS1E build

well got the cylinder bored to 44mm for 42 mm witch is already bigger than the stock 40mm :) and i have 42mm crank not the 39.5 stock one .

So fitted the piston and cylinder.. the head was cut out to 44mm also

modified the clutch to 3 plate .

well on the way now lads .

so all wired up other than the tail light .. got SPARK.. that’s a big deal :)

I think with in 7 days i will fire it up ..

I did a mild port job after these pics . lifted the exhaust port 2mm and opened and raised the boat ports at the back 5mm

then knife edge the bottom to match crank case


Re: FS1E build

that’s boost ports :)

Going to run the stock 16mm carb , but i cut the rotory valve to the yam GYT specs for racing . and bored the in take out to 19mm . can also move up to the big 22mm carb if i need be .. just have to fit a 22mm intake tube :)

Want a stock look so running a sock pipe .. so really big carb maybe waist


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