FS1E build

well after a year of not building old jap bikes as a hobby. i jumped back in when a found a yamaha G7s for free :) ..

i had a fs1e and ruled the streets in 76 as a young boy with packs of other wayward teens unable to have a car because of the ridiculous laws in the UK and the government drivers license test centers that took you on a hour long driving test only to fail you and make you wait 6 to 9 months to take a second test.

same old fail .

miss uses of steering wheel

miss uses of rear view mirror

miss uses of turn signal

WTF ..

yes if you where under 21 and tried to get a car license 80% failed on the above.

anyway the G7s is the same bike other than the motor as the early fizzys so starting there i’m going to build one with a 4 speed fs1 motor and G7s motor :) so i can switch over as it takes the mood :)

i stripped the frame to metel and have give it a good prime in black ..

got both motors and have ordered the stock fizzy ex pipe and number plate mount .. bidding on the side covers .. funny after i bid found out there in my old home town in essex :) ... could be my old 76 fizzy panels ? who knows

there a pic of the color i’m going to do popsicle purple.. the 2 nd color for the UK

74/75 years ... really shouts 1970ssssss or what ... also seen on all the best Vw beach buggy’s . more this weekend Ted


Re: FS1E build

follow up few more pics. the red speed block is the one i had in 76 ..

the other pics .. parts of the g7 i’m changing to a fizzy


Re: FS1E build

Re: FS1E build

gots some more done .. tank stripped and now 99% fixed

got the wheels cleaned up like new and the fender cans out like new .. almost 50 years old .

Got a new pipe from the UK .. it got dinged up in shipping .. but after some tapping and TLC i got it back like new


Re: FS1E build

the pipe is fixed. .. the tank has dings .. but now it’s good will post pic later

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