Check out these RivNuts

I’m going to use these for mounting stuff to the moped frame. I think ya just drill a hole and hammer it in. Nice and clean solution to hanging reg/rectifiers, coils all kinds of stuff.


As seen on a Hobbit frame


Re: Check out these RivNuts

Drill a hole, put a bolt into the rivnut, hammer it into the hole, tight up the rivnut to set it, remove the bolt...

...then mount your whatever...

Re: Check out these RivNuts

Gotcha gotcha don’t hammer the wrong nail! :o

Re: Check out these RivNuts

Shawn Skibicki /

There’s a tool for setting the rivet-nut as well. Like 40 bucks on amazon.

Re: Check out these RivNuts

Nice, good ideaR I’m going for a bag of 6mm.

Re: Check out these RivNuts

Drilling a hole in round tube might not be a great ideal as it may start stress cracks.

Re: Check out these RivNuts

I bought a tank from dos cycles for my top tank Hobbit water cooler project. One inch diameter rubber "isolators" with a metric stud will fit nicely into the semi circles welded onto the tank to hold the tank to the frame. I want to use the rivnuts to screw the metric stud into the Frame ( yes I welded a cross bar on. ,) The point I think they work well at is at the junction of the steerer tube ( call it head tube and the frame. If done correctly I am thinking it's a great solution.

Re: Check out these RivNuts

All this nut talk and no squirrels? Wtf?

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