Polini puch woes


So im chasing demons on a new to me e50

Its said to have been rebuilt and the seals and such do look brand new

All of the basics have been done

-Cleaned carb (88 main jet )

-new gaskets base,head,reeds

-new plug b7hs

-head torqued to 7lbs

-checked for air leaks (no fluctuation in idle)

-timing "set" (according to my mark i made with the degree wheel at 18 degrees, no matter which way i turn the stator plate

The points still open to early)

The bike runs and idles fairly strong revs up wonderful

Sit on it and go and its a straight dog and dies

Any ideas?

Currently thinking maybe they put a crankseal in backwords

Case halves leak?

I dunno. Helppppp lol

Re: Polini puch woes

Johnnie Distefano /

One things for sure, I'm not liking the fact that the points open way too early. Too much advance in the extreme will make it run terribly for sure. Can you adjust the point gap? Are they in good shape? Closing the way they should? Spring working correctly? The timing issue needs to be addressed first, as it will make it impossible to tune correctly. Also, in regards to the seals, do you see any gas/oil around the case in that area? I would consider a leak down test to make sure they're good.

Re: Polini puch woes

Appriciate the reply! I was being a goof and put my timing mark after tdc instead of before Woops

Re: Polini puch woes

Did you plug the decomp hole? What head are you using?

Re: Polini puch woes

Johnnie Distefano /

Glad you figured it out! Have fun ripping!!!

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