qt50 electrical problem

Rob LaFreniere /

After replacing the the dead light bulb that illuminates the speedometer, I reconnected the battery and found that the headlight high beam, the blue high beam indicator light and the horn stopped working. The new speedo bulb did not work as well.

All of the turn signal lights still work as do the oil, start, and turn indicator lights.

The bike came to me without a working low beam. Only the high beam worked.

Since the horn button and high beam switches are both housed in the left handlebar assembly and perhaps share the same wiring, the problem might be localized there.

I will now go research how to use a multimeter.


Re: qt50 electrical problem

Rob LaFreniere /
bdee OP

Sorry I thought I posted to the Repair forum.

If a moderator would move to the appropriate forum, I would appreciate it.

Re: qt50 electrical problem

you should be able to test this with just a regular test light. Pull the headlight out and check the harness plug with your test light as you switch from Hi beam to Low. I don't remember the colors but obviously one terminal will be hot in each position. One is ground which won't light your test light. I would try a new bulb behind the high beam blue light. They are fragile when old. Maybe it just got jiggled loose also. Horn- make sure your pink wire on horn didn't get disconnected when you were originally in there moving wiring. Or could be bad horn- it happens. That can be tested with your test light on the other horn terminal- not the pink one. I might think of something more but this should get you started.

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