Make a Sebring BLAST

So I have had this Motobecane Sebring with the Morini M01for a while. My old daily driver. Recently installed a 60cc Euro kit, MLM circuit pipe.

What's the best carb/intake setup to make this thing BLAST (relatively speaking)?



Re: Make a Sebring BLAST

Re: Make a Sebring BLAST

Looks like you still have the 28T sprocket on rear? Change to 24T.

Re: Make a Sebring BLAST

Joey Artino /

So I have the carb and intake you recommended, but tuning has been a nightmare. Ive heard that I need a 2 stroke atomizer...

Any idea what size?

Re: Make a Sebring BLAST

I dkn but that spitfire sticker is probably worth about 2-3hp.

I like spitfires but bones makes a nice wheel too.

Re: Make a Sebring BLAST

nice! needs more quad decals.

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