Yamaha YG1 compatable cylinders

Found out my piston is cracked and did a number on my cylinder. What kits work with yg1s?

Re: Yamaha YG1 compatable cylinders

Yo! Just tore down my YG1 motor this evening. Definitely following this

Re: Yamaha YG1 compatable cylinders

Ok great. What did you use to get off that exhaust nut?

Re: Yamaha YG1 compatable cylinders

Channel locks for the exhaust nut. Pretty sure the Stud pattern and stroke is the same as puch on these. A Derbi kit wouldn't be too hard to adapt with a spacer. Anything is possible with time and money.

Re: Yamaha YG1 compatable cylinders

Have you put a puch cylinder on one of these?

Re: Yamaha YG1 compatable cylinders

the yamaha G7s and G6 and the G5 are all 72cc same as YG1 it’s called 80cc but it’s not

it’s 42mm stroke 47mm piston

the standard piston and first two over size with the G7S use keystone rings . there thinner and rev better .. if you have to go to 3rd or 4th over size with the G7S cylinder you have to drop back to the YG1 piston and rings that are available on 3rd and 4th the rings are thicker and just don’t rev as well :)

the G7S never had any over size over 2nd

know this cos tuned the G7S cylinder to do 85mph on two bikes :)

see you tube video 80mph fizzy .

then see 80mph fizzy the banned ones ..

in the second video i had fitted 1979 YZ 80 cylinders to the YG1 bottom end and fitted 32mm carbs .. 85mph was easy :) just wish they had 5 or 6 gears .. 100mph would be on the cards


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