garelli VIP2

Luca Bridgman /

I have a VIP-2, and I can usually start it within a few "standing" start. However the situation now is getting intorable. It fails to start 80%, and when it starts, another 10% will idle.

Any advice please. Its essentially the bike to start is 5 % our of 100 trial.

Re: garelli VIP2

Clean carb, points and possibly replace crank seals. Have you checked compression? Change spark plug? Clean out exhaust?

Re: garelli VIP2

focus on the crank seal behind the stator plate.

Re: garelli VIP2

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

This is like shooting at a fighter jet with a BB gun Without more info or the ability to examine in person , there can be a thousand reasons why hard to start. You will get as many responses. What you need to do is check the most likely culprits first in a basic exam. Fuel flow, spark, compression in that order.

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