Morini m01 exhaust

I have a totally stock morini m01. Itll do 25, which would be great if I had more torque to climb the mountains. What pipe should I get? I've heard that puch pipes can work?

This intramotor gloria scout already has a 14.12 dellorto SHA and 12mm intake.

I'm not regearing or really even trying to raise my top speed, I just want better acceleration in low/mid rpms.

Re: Morini m01 exhaust

hack a proma circuit pipe on there

Re: Morini m01 exhaust

Re: Morini m01 exhaust

Hit up Blake and see if he has another one of these. You can also check with Chad Burke. This is the pipe you really want. It bolts right up and bottom end and mid-range is insane on my 60cc (42mm bore) piston port kit. It would wheelie if I wasn't so fat....... ( I really want me a Sachs mini.......)


Re: Morini m01 exhaust

> pat splat Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------


Now that I read the description for the 5th time, I see a sentence I missed: "low end monster for all morini powered machines"

Re: Morini m01 exhaust

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

Make sure you firmly mount that front bracket or it will shake loose wuickly

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