Looking for a carb recommendation...

I want to get a moped up and running again...the closest I have to a running ped is a Moby 51v with a GR1 top end, a stock bottom end (I think, it's been so long since I built it) , Artek crank... I have a gianelli exhaust for it as well. I never had much luck tuning a VM16 that I had on it. It ran okay but something was always off. I have a feeling the carb was bunk because it was actually JB welded in some spots by the previous owner. I'm looking to try another carb just for fun, what size would you guys recommend? Been even thinking of getting one of those Lectron carbs .

Re: Looking for a carb recommendation...

Malossi GR1? Case matched? If so phbg 17-19. I'm running a phbg 19 but on race cases.

Re: Looking for a carb recommendation...

Vova Fett /
ven OP

Yessir Malossi GR1 case matched to stock av10 cases. I need to clean up my intake port a bit, that was a tough job trying to get it right, last time the reeds must have knicked the inside of it and got spit out the exhaust. Haven't touched it since. Need to take it apart, clean out CF dust, and reassemble.

Sweet, thanks for the recommendation :)

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