Puch maxi running hot

my maxi is runiing way to hot in 68 degrees weather

setup 70cc airsal

15mm bing 76 jet

gearing 14:40

sparkplug ngk b6hs

timing's a 12 degrees

i live in denmark , and the weather above is fahrenheit

it ran so hot that the 28mm stofck pipe got hot all the way up to there you mount it at the rear wheel.

the story goes that in denmark mopeds are to be ridden for 15 year old therefore you can only go 20 mph. my dad leant me a trick that if you file the notch of the choker so it won't come up as you twist the throttle, then you can drill a hole in the choker and use it as a way of making your moped run legal if you ever get stopped by the cops ( but smoke as 1800 train ). my problem were that i without noticing had bumped the choker a bit down and jetted the carb to run with that. when i found out i rejetted the carb and pulled to choker up and when driving home on a hot day my engine started to soft seize and the engine was hot as a motherfucker. I checked my gas can if i forgot oil and the were oil in the gas.

Any thoughts on that the problem might be?

Re: Puch maxi running hot

Get a colder plug in to start with mate that 6 is way to hot for a sporty moped. A 8/9 would be better suited.

Upjet see if that helps, as

More mixture will cool the engine.

If not you may need to adjust timing slightly.

But 100% change that sparkplug I dropped 20-30f off my headtemps with that mod alone

Re: Puch maxi running hot

i shit you not the wedge that locks the flywheell was split in half. The wedge was only a few weeks old and i do not know how that could happen.

Re: Puch maxi running hot

So FYI: It's called a woodruff key, not a wedge, and it doesn't hold the flywheel, only positions it. The flywheel is held in place by friction (and a nut). Lap your flywheel to your crank,so you have as much contact as possible, and you don't need a woodruff key.

Re: Puch maxi running hot

lapp it

Re: Puch maxi running hot

Benjamin Hojnik /

You might be running lean. Check the sparkplug color first.

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