Moped cdi preformance help?!


Hey, just recently got a moped and its a jinling 50cc 2 stroke, now its all stock and definitely a slowch. Now I have a goal of 45ish mph and need some help. First ive heard that you can unplug something from the cdi and make it faster the question is which one? Also what are other things to make this faster? Thanks!

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Well for one, that's a scooter. Not a moped.

Also, I think that's a myth. With Chinese stuff anyway. (edited)

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I always thought mopeds were 50cc and scooters were 150+. I saw some youtube vids on ppl unplugging a wire and getting fairly decent more top speed (almost like a limiter) (edited)

Re: Moped cdi preformance help?!

Mopeds are 50cc with pedals like a bicycle to start the engine. Check out the photos tab..

Moped became a catch all term for 50cc bikes. Used for registration purposes...

Yes some bikes had a limiter in the cdi. But these are top quality Japanese and European scooters, speed limited for the us market. Your best bet is going to be identifying what engine the bike has...most likely a Honda or Yamaha clone. Finding an expansion chamber exhaust and upjetting the carb...that should get you a few mph.

Just so you know, these Chinese bike are known for bad build quality. Good luck tho

Re: Moped cdi preformance help?!

Oh gotcha, thanks for the reply

Re: Moped cdi preformance help?!

Benjamin Hojnik /

Some scooters have limited CDIs. Most of the time, it hels to just disconnect the blue wire (or whatever wire is seperate from the connector). Thats usually the only restriction on 4 stroke.

2 strokes also have limited CVTs, exhausts and carbs. You need to check them all to make sure you get unrestricted power

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