honda gyro 70cc kit

has anyone run the 70cc kit from treats on a honda gyro? I knoe it is not quite a bolt on but did it last with the mods? 1985/86 honda gyro s

Re: honda gyro 70cc kit

I put a kit on one, it required an aluminum base spacer then decking 3mm or so off the top. It was supposed to be for the gyro but was as much work as any odd crossover.


MLM hobbit side bleed pipe with a header wrapped around like a gyro.


Added hobbit 2 stage Boyesen reeds.

Jb welded around the case transfers to back up the porting. The base spacing was .5mm gasket, 1.5 aluminum spacer then .75mm gasket. Decked the top to 1.3mm head squish.


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