Fitting Techno Estoril on to A3/A35

Dan the mope Conway /

Hey everyone, so I have been running a bi-turdo on my 77 A3 frame with a freshly rebuilt A35. The top end is great! But I live in a hilly area and need more

low end. I have a few concerns switching over to an Estoril, one would be loss of top end. On flat and with no exaggerating bullsh*t my bike goes 37 with stock setup and a SHA 15:15 with the pipe.

My other concern would be my pedal arms, kick stand and of

course making sure the mounts actually line up. Does anyone have any insight? This is such a clean looking bike I would hate to botch it with bent arms and what not.


Re: Fitting Techno Estoril on to A3/A35

Dan the mope Conway /

I know it’s a pretty stupid question but anyone have any insight?

Re: Fitting Techno Estoril on to A3/A35

Jack Rutherford /

Small insight. I put one on an urban express engine and that engine is on an NC50 frame. The hack n weld header is probably a tad too long but low end is great. In fact, I can run a bx31 belt and not suffer too much on the low end. Mid range seems good too. Super quiet pipe especially at idle. You'll probably lose a couple few mph on top end. I may add a DR kit to the mix and see how noise, lo and top end change.

And you've probably seen:

"A3 & A35 bikes like bullet, silver bullet, golden bullet, tt, ttlx, sprint, targa, targa lx, lx, st, etc... ONLY A3 and A35 models of these bikes!! NOTE there may be footpeg clearance issues with kick start models.

Pedals may not clear on A3 powered bikes especially the older 70's ones!! you may have to bend your pedal arms out for clearance or consider buying some arms with more clearance. keep that in mind!"

Re: Fitting Techno Estoril on to A3/A35

Dan the mope Conway /


Re: Fitting Techno Estoril on to A3/A35

Brandon Weiss (Detective brandon to you) /

Estoril is all around a superior pipe to the biturbo. It will feel like a different wont be sorry.

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