Re: E50 falls on it's face at top speed

Wesley Ambrosini /

Ok 75 jet, 2nd from the top on the clip, idle screw all the way the fuck out I can get it to idle, and take off. It idles higher than I want but this seems like the happy medium. The problem is the transition from lean to idle with the mods at about 1/3 throttle when the holes are closed. Going from a lean state to a rich state is too abrupt. Will monitor temps and continue to tune carb n clutch but at least it's fucking working.

Side note: I can't be the only one with a string for a clutch cable, can I?


Re: E50 falls on it's face at top speed

Yeah, you're probably the only one.

Confucius say, " he who uses string for clutch cable will struggle with mopeds all day."

Re: E50 falls on it's face at top speed

lol...that's some redneck macgyver shit right there. props for making it work and for keeping it real and posting.

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