treats airsal 65cc vs 70cc

Brad William /

Any experience, hearsay, or educated guess,?

I'm putting the 65 on a za soon. I'm thinking of ordering the 70cc and matching two ring piston to put on an e50. (edited)

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if you can filter out all the drama and blathering, there is some good info in here.


Dont call it 65 or 70 cc, that isn't the actual displacement on any of them and it confuses the hell out of me, just to bitch a sec...

44 is a great easy slap on kit, great finish out of the box, easy to tune, runs great with a 14 or 15 bing and proma GP or Proma Circuit... or probably any other basic pipe. good torque, like a stock cylinder but just a lil' more.

Danny mentioned something about liking the 45 mm airsal, he'll probably post on here. My memories are fuzzy but i recall it taking a little more cleanup, bigger transfers, etc. I think its a 1 ring piston out of the box. Probably better to build it with something like a VM18 (phbg if you have to...) and a tecno estoril, gonna go faster but you'll have to put more work into it.

for za's its nice to not have to put a crank in them and keep them mild. Once you start pushing them they tend to break stuff if you don't do a full blown rebuild.

Re: treats airsal 65cc vs 70cc

I really liked my 44. Alot more than the kstar I had before it....I diddnt need to do any chamfering and case match was easy peasy.. 14bing and an estoril pulled really nice.

Installed the same setup for a buddy, he's got 2000miles on it with a non-rebuilt bottom end. Still goin great.

Re: treats airsal 65cc vs 70cc

Chöschi21 C.K. /

From down low the 44mm Airsal goes like (maybe a little less) a stock 2hp but really picks up after about 4'000rpm and can, with the right pipe and a 15mm Bing, rev up to 10'000 and even a little more with short gearing. (edited)

Re: treats airsal 65cc vs 70cc

Brad William /

Why does airsal offer these two piston port kits with essentially the same aim? The 45mm kit, at a glance, sports one piston ring and easier breathing ports. Maybe aimed at the higher rpm higher strung and shorter lifespan rebuilds?

I'm actually content with the performance of the original cylinders, with mild carb and exhaust mods.

I went to treats to find the most straightforward replacement for my long-in-the-tooth motors and the 44mm airsal looked appropriate, inexpensive, and maybe a touch more powerful in the bargain.

What is it about 50ccs that just irritates the impulse to overthink shit?;;::))) (edited)

Re: treats airsal 65cc vs 70cc

from what i understand the 44 mm kit is OG airsal and the 45 mm kit is something they bought from another company (zeta or something like that) that went out of business, hence having two really similar kits.

i think in the mid-late 90's when all these little companies went under, athena and airsal bought their tooling and either made it in their own factories or just sent it over to taiwan/china to make them, like the AJH athena reed and the Athena reed.

Re: treats airsal 65cc vs 70cc

I have done the 70 w the 2-ring upgrade on a ZA before STILL kicking myself for parting with that bike. That combination hauls-@$$. (15mm Bing, estoril)

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