MK-65 19 dellorto combo

(What causes) temporary high idle at stoplight after full throttle run... I can blip throttle and it goes back to normal idle..... is there an explaination...?


Re: MK-65 19 dellorto combo

sticky throttle grip, sticky throttle cable, sticky slide, or cable end doesnt pop back into its cup.

Re: MK-65 19 dellorto combo

Not... It is definitely not that... it's in the air/idle jet circuit and I have a 45 idle jet and putting my hand over stack quickly gets it to idle normal again...Thanks for the response...I am hoping someone has had the same issue can explain...

Re: MK-65 19 dellorto combo

Probably Fred /

Use spring loaded float needle maybe,

Could be float level/gas level in bowl, gas puddling, vibration etc.

Idle jet sets higher then main jet in carb bowl,

Re: MK-65 19 dellorto combo

I did not realize they had spring loaded needle until now. Mine has stiff needle and I already bought a bowl that doesn't hit the mag cover but was trying to get it tuned in before installing it...Puddling sounds like a good reason for the problem too...Thanks...

Re: MK-65 19 dellorto combo

EH 📣FCC of the QCB /

Could be air fuel mixture screw setting.

You think your idle might be too lean?

Are you getting any crazy spikes in temp?

Re: MK-65 19 dellorto combo

Lean is what I was thinking too but I think I solved it as the quick change nut on the bowl was still touching the mag cover so I swapped it out with a plain bowl and I guess the vibration was the problem....It's weird what harmonics can do....

Re: MK-65 19 dellorto combo

Matt Mahloch -- MBM Customs /

My guess is your getting into the next circuit of the carb.

Re: MK-65 19 dellorto combo

My guess would be air in the idle circuit causing a brief high idle at a stop light.

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