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Working on a new project bike and had a proma (used) that is completely clogged and clearly needs to be cleaned/replaced.

DR Kit, VM20, Boyeson Dual Stage, Trick6 Vari, stock timing. Pretty much like my other hobbits but they all run promas.

I'd like a side bleed exhaust (for the look) but i know (or have read) that the proma has better low-mid range, whereas something like the MLM Peoples has better Mid-High Range.

Here's the kicker, i want better low-mid... and a sidebleed. I don't want this bike to go any faster than it already does... or ill run into insurance/license issues.

Any recommendations on a side bleed that has good low-mid power .. and doesnt cost over $250 on treatz? OR a concept that will work that can use the MLM Peoples but still give me a decent low end redlight stop/go push? (edited)

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Totally normal JBOT /

Long pipes give low rpm power.

Short pipes give high rpm power.

The only way to get more low rpm power is a long pipe, Doing porting specifically to get more low end, a retarding cdi can also give much more low rpm power.

Re: Exhaust Opinions - Hobbitsies

like my other hobbits but they all run promas

those don't look like promas on your profile pic.

love the brown hobbit, don't see to many of those.

you can get better low end with lighter weights and stiffer clutch springs for the peoples pipe. are you using the stock clutch springs? what's your total roller weight?

there is also this ramp plate spacer.

Re: Exhaust Opinions - Hobbitsies

how would you port for lowend? I guess I'd never even considered that option. compression'd help but that's not porting.

wait, it's a hobbit. go high RPM and make your variator take care of acceleration...

Re: Exhaust Opinions - Hobbitsies

Totally normal JBOT /

Porting for low end.

Widen but no raising of ex port.

Larger window in piston

Push out transfers tunnels as far as possible

Under piston smoothing where the gasses cross the underside of the wrist pin

Cut edges of piston skirts to allow better flow into transfers at BDC

BOOM. Raising ex port can be done but isn't needed in most kits to make much bigger power.

Re: Exhaust Opinions - Hobbitsies

makes sense, that's kinda what I was picturing, just bigger without affecting timing. but still, why not pull that exhaust up some too and rip some rpm and then use the variator to accommodate, that's like the best part about a variated bike

Re: Exhaust Opinions - Hobbitsies

port off the bottom of your head to raise your compression. hah

yeah ever since i started fucking with these chainsaws ( yeah i know insert crazy wayne joke here... )

before the pipe hits,the name of the game is getting it to scavenge better- porting for torque= improve scavenging...

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