Wheel and Fork Spacers

Hi y'all,

I got some of these forks installed on my Motobecane. I don't have the wheel attached yet.


I see the description says my brake plate needs a notch. My stock Moby brake plate doesn't have a notch. What does the notch do? Prevent the brake plate from spinning?

I realized my Peugeot 102 has a brake plate with a notch and the spoked wheels/tires on that are much nicer than the ones I have for the moby. I think I can swap em? But then my Moby wheels / brake plate wouldn't have the right notch for the peugeot. Also, how do you keep the wheel centered to the forks? I have a feeling I will need spacers, you just get rod stock and drill it out?

Also, should the black part of the tree touch this silver ring from the headset? (circled in blue) I would have to bring the plate down a little. Unsure of the angle. (shitty blue arrow cant see)


Thanks (edited)

Re: Wheel and Fork Spacers

loosen the clamps in the lower triple and slide the fork legs down

you gotta get everything loose then get it close and start snugging things down and pull it all into alignment, make sure the wheel is in there too while your doing it because it will help hold the fork legs in alignment.

Re: Wheel and Fork Spacers

French Moby /

Thanks I'll loosen it up.

I'm going to see if I can put my Peugeot wheels on. Issue is I wont be able to put the moby wheels on my peugeot. Well see.

Re: Wheel and Fork Spacers

French Moby /


For anyone searching this thread in future.

I went back to treats and the comments say to use a puch front brake plate.

When I got the forks the comments weren't there. I'll be looking for a puch brake plate but I think the one on Peugeot 102 could work, I just don't want to take my running moped apart lol.


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