Tomos A35 sha 15.15 biturbo

Hey running a Tomos A35 49cc with a new aha 15.15 carb, mesh metal air filter and biturbo pipe, no kit yet. Came with a 68 jet thought that be to big swapped for a 60 and still hitting about 35. Which I wasn’t think of getting much more power but at least a little. Should I keep upjetting? Does anyone have a similar set up.


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I don't think jetting = power

jet for proper fuel/air

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Nicolas Smolders /

I have a airsal 50cc kit (he have bigger ports than the stock) and a 16-16 sha with 60 jet ... and it's blast so u dont realy need to get bigger jet i think. have u change ur manifold ?

because if it was stock u can have a 12mm or 14mm intake that may flange your intake flow. Also remeber sha carb are realy shitty carb it's near like having an on/off mixture switch. (edited)

Re: Tomos A35 sha 15.15 biturbo


Re: Tomos A35 sha 15.15 biturbo

Dan (high idle) Conway /

I’ve got the same setup as you you’re gonna want around a 63-65 jet depending where you are. for me 60 would be way too lean. Cheers.

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I run the exact same setup. 15.15 sha with 15mm mlm intake, biturbo pipe, and foam air filter. Hitting 40.

I believe i run a 67 jet. 60 was way too lean for me. (edited)

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Im hitting 43 mph stock a35 1412p 62 jet biturbo pipe 26-22 gearing.

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