El-cheapo Peugeot CDI vs. 5 coil

Looking to see if anyone has real life comparison to performance on the stock Peugeot 5 coil ignition bs. The $100 cheap CDI set that Treats sells?


Re: El-cheapo Peugeot CDI vs. 5 coil

the treat special nut only grabs like 2 threads, u can cut back to get more holding if u got a lathe. never used a 5 coil.

Re: El-cheapo Peugeot CDI vs. 5 coil

I am currently using the Ducati energia set up, but prior I was using a 5 coil. It works well, mount an external condenser and clean up the points. Its my go to on any other Peugeot I build. The only real benefit is the brighter lights from the cheapo, but you can get higher wattage coils and make the 5 coil have more output if you're electrically savvy.

Re: El-cheapo Peugeot CDI vs. 5 coil

The cheapie cdi lights are only brighter for a few hundred miles till the light coil rattles itself apart

Other than that, they are great

Re: El-cheapo Peugeot CDI vs. 5 coil

had good luck with mine, haven't put a lot of miles on it. I'm running it with a Jog CDI box and it has a nice curvey curve.

i also followed the 'cheetahchrome' tutorial on how to ground everything... scraped paint off all the mounting faces and use SHCS m4 screws to bolt the coils down with lock washers.

its probably the nicest of the cheap moped ignitions, i've even used the pickup from it on puchs. tapers fit up pretty nice and true.

i did counterbore mine and make a special custom nut to mount it but you can just grind the end of the nut so it fits down in the hole.

Re: El-cheapo Peugeot CDI vs. 5 coil

Chloe Feldman /

5 coil would be sick in a perfect world but everytime I get one it's wonky and doesn't work correctly.

Been a le Partie guy for my entire French life. About as plug n play as they come. You use a 10mm axle nut as a flywheel nut... replace the stator coil bolts cause they're garbage. Lap that shit up. Loctite the taper if you're rippin dicks and boom straight money maker.

Like I said.. it's been literal years. Never had one lose spark. People say they fail a lot but I've never seen it.

Stock cdi box is static. Moby transval box if you're tryna get retarded. Holler.

xoxo (edited)


Re: El-cheapo Peugeot CDI vs. 5 coil

^ that is genius, i bought hex stock and made one just like it, ugh.

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