Hercules P1 (Sachs 504) Performance help

Tanner Moersch /

Hey super new to the moped game, just bought a Hercules P1 with a Sachs 504 engine. Trying to figure out how to make this thing a littler ripper without kitting out the engine. Currently all stock. I bought a MLM People's Sidebleed Pipe, but the rear mount doesn't fit so I returned it and thought I'd ask for help.

Any recommendations on what I should get would be stellar.

Re: Hercules P1 (Sachs 504) Performance help

Best bet for a pipe is to get a slip on chamber and use the stock header. I like the 2 piece biturbo on sachs, you will most likely need to make a small bracket for the rear mount. The 504 engine can go pretty good with a pipe and an upjet. If you are trying to get over 35 I would suggest a different moped.

Re: Hercules P1 (Sachs 504) Performance help

♣Slew Foot♣ /

If you are up to re porting the jug and getting a better carb pipe and then spend all the time not riding.

Buy a puch or Tomos.

Re: Hercules P1 (Sachs 504) Performance help


all that applies pretty directly to the 504 also.

2nd the slip on pipe. That, some airbox mods and an upjet (hey you can actually buy jets on treats now!) and you can probably manage close to 30.

Re: Hercules P1 (Sachs 504) Performance help

Josiah Radebaugh /

That is a good photo...

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